Adjustable Gastric Banding – How It Works

“Adjustable gastric banding is known by different names like A band, lap-band and LAGB. To lose weight using this procedure, the patient must know about the right ways to prepare for it”.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding or LAGB is one of the popular surgical procedures which people undergo to lose weight. This particular surgical procedure involves small incisions being given to an individual in their upper abdomen. In this process, a surgeon takes an adjustable band and puts it around the uppermost portion of the patient’s stomach.

The positioning of the band results in the creation of a small pouch which leads to the patient feeling full after consuming a small portion of food. When the patient feels satiated after eating a lesser amount of food, they do not feel the urge to consume food in larger quantities.

One of the best things about the adjustable gastric band or LAGB procedure is that the band can be adjusted conveniently. A surgeon does this by increasing or decreasing the amount of fluid in a balloon positioned around the band. A port is kept under the skin’s abdomen portion. A tube runs from the band’s port around the stomach.

Once the surgery is carried out, the patient will have to visit the surgeon’s clinic or office a couple of times. During these visits, the surgeon will use a needle and make it go through the skin, leading to the port. In the port, a certain amount of fluid is made to pass through.

Through the tube, the fluid reaches the balloon closer to the band and contributes towards squeezing the uppermost part of the patient’s stomach. Every time the patient visits the office or the clinic, a small portion of fluid gets added. The surgeon, during every visit, also checks the amount of weight the patient has lost. If the patient feels the band is too tight or uncomfortable for them, the surgeon will remove some amount of fluid.

Who Needs LAGB?

LAGB is largely recommended for those who are suffering from severe or extreme obesity. If an individual has tried other types of weight-loss procedures and hasn’t seen any satisfactory results, they could opt for LAGB.

As a weight-loss treatment procedure, LAGB is mostly recommended for those who have a body mass index or BMI going higher than 40. If an individual’s BMI is lower than 40 but they suffer from health conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea or some other heart disease, they could be advised to go for LAGB.

How Should One Prepare for LAGB?

When you consult a top bariatric surgeon or any other certified health professional, they will let you know whether you should opt for a LAGB procedure or not. This kind of weight-loss procedure is not recommended for those who are taking a lot of medicinal drugs or consuming a lot of alcohol. After undergoing the LAGB procedure, an individual should be mentally prepared to opt for healthier dietary choices and engage in regular exercise.

Before opting for LAGB, an individual should consider putting themselves in a bariatric surgery education program. Apart from helping the individual prepare themselves for the surgery, it will also guide them towards bringing about some important changes in their lifestyle after the completion of the surgery.

Somebody, who plans to undergo LAGB needs to go through a variety of tests to determine whether opting for this procedure would prove to be a safe option for them or not. Apart from going through nutritional counselling and psychological evaluation, they would also be required to appear for blood tests. The surgeon will carefully study the images or X-rays of the patient’s stomach or upper endoscopy as a part of checking their physical health.

If somebody has a habit of smoking, they would have to quit a couple of months before they are about to undergo surgery. This is important to ensure no complications arise during the surgical procedure. If they have been on certain blood-thinning medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin, they will have to put them aside as well. If the surgery is scheduled on a particular morning or afternoon, they shouldn’t consume anything after midnight.

What To Expect During LAGB?

When an individual is about to undergo a surgical procedure, one of the things they worry about is the amount of time it will take. Upon finding out the process would be a little lengthy or elaborate, they tend to get a little anxious. A LAGB surgery lasts for 30 – 60 minutes. During the surgery, the patient would be provided with general anesthesia. This ensures the patient will not feel any kind of pain during the surgical procedure.

The surgeon, who will be opting for laparoscopy during the procedure, will be making a bunch of small cuts or incisions in the upper abdomen of the patient. After this, they will get a laparoscope inserted and insert small-sized surgery tools in the incisions.

After putting an adjustable gastric band around the patient’s stomach, the surgeon will get it tightened and put together a small stomach pouch. If the patient has a hiatal hernia, it will be repaired by the surgeon during the surgery.

Lose Weight Through Adjustable Gastric Banding By Consulting an Expert

While losing a substantial amount of weight through adjustable gastric banding is very much possible, you get the desired results only when you consult the right medical expert or surgeon. Very few experts out there understand LAGB, as well as Dr. Abdulsalam Al Taie, does. He offers his services as a bariatric surgeon at the Al Taie Center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and has helped countless people complete their weight loss journey.

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