Obesity Surgery in Dubai, UAE

Obesity Surgery in DubaiObesity may take a toll on your life. If you want to mitigate the risks of weight-related issues, it is time to consult us at Bariatric (AL TAIE Center). At our obesity clinic in Dubai, we perform bariatric surgery under our proficient medical professional’s assistance to offer the safest treatment.

What types of obesity treatment do we offer at our center?

Our patients call us the top obesity surgery clinic Dubai because we offer the following obesity treatment under the guidance of the first obesity surgeon in UAE. Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie is the first and top-graded doctor who performs obesity surgery to offer the best treatment:

Gastric Sleeve

In Gastric Sleeve Surgery, our top obesity surgeon performs the surgery creating a small stomach pouch. Also termed sleeve gastrectomy, this surgery involves eliminating a massive portion of the patient’s stomach. Hence, a small, banana-shaped pouch is created. The process limits food consumption, thereby reducing hunger hormones. It alleviates obesity-related conditions like the following:

Gastric Balloon

A gastric balloon is a soft and durable balloon. Made of silicone rubber, our surgeon places it in your stomach. It reduces the stomach’s capacity and makes the patient feel fuller even with lesser consumption of food. At AL TAIE Center, our best obesity surgeon first inserts it into the stomach through the mouth using a flexible and thin tube, aka endoscope.

Gastric Banding

In gastric banding surgical procedure, our top obesity surgeon, Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie, first places an inflatable bank around the stomach’s upper portion. This creates a smaller pouch. After this, our doctor can adjust the bank to control food consumption, promoting weight loss gradually.

If you want to achieve desirable results through a surgical process, consult the number #1 obesity surgeon Dubai at our clinic.

What Qualities Make Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie The Best Obesity Surgeon?

Obesity Surgery ClinicCalling Dr Abdulsalam Al Taie the number #1 obesity surgeon in Dubai is not an exaggeration. In fact, our patients call the doctor the most seasoned medical professional because he possesses the following qualities:

Without the guidance of this number #1 and top obesity doctor, we could not have transformed into the best obesity surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE. If you want to achieve the number #1 treatment, AL TAIE Center ensures great care throughout the process: from the perioperative to the postoperative stage and in between. Seek consultation from our doctor at our best obesity surgery center in Dubai, UAE.

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